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379. My Own sub Profile

Since I just did a couple of posts on red flags, I thought it would only be fair for me to share my own profile.  I took a 3.5 year break from the online kink world.  When I returned and started a Fetlife account, this was the first profile I posted.  I should note that … Continue reading 379. My Own sub Profile


378. By Request: Ways to potentially ruin your submissive male profile

Well, I took all of 5 minutes before someone asked me to expand upon the ways people can ruin their profile from my last post.  They were: Username choice. Primary profile pic choice (and to a lesser extent, secondaries). Self-portrayal in your written profile. Your activity history (loves, comments, posts, etc.). The people you choose … Continue reading 378. By Request: Ways to potentially ruin your submissive male profile

377. Thoughts on submissive male profiles

I'm really going to go out of my way to keep this from spiraling into a rant.  That probably means it will be significantly shorter than my original attempt at this. In the past week or so a newer Domme friend of mine has asked me to help screen through the subs that are writing … Continue reading 377. Thoughts on submissive male profiles

375. Thoughts on “The Big Takeaway”

It was roughly seven years ago that Lady Grey at Woman in Control made a post called "The Big Takeaway."  Unfortunately this post was lost when she deleted a number of her early posts but some conversations that I have had recently with some newer Dommes got me thinking about it once again and I … Continue reading 375. Thoughts on “The Big Takeaway”

374. Submission as a Privilege

In the past week I have had four conversations with different people that seem to all sort of link back to a common theme.  While they were on various topics, the core of the discussion centered around the belief in "submission as a gift" and how that idea fails in a lot of situations.  I … Continue reading 374. Submission as a Privilege

358. Thoughts on my Role/Label

I have stated in previous posts that the term slave in BDSM has really lost a lot of its meaning and is relatively undefinable in the vernacular of the 2018 kinky world.  I have also written about being educated in the "Old Guard" definitions of slave and talked about the seriousness it rings in my … Continue reading 358. Thoughts on my Role/Label

357. Splitting Submissive Mental Spaces

I was asked some questions tonight that forced me to get more specific about submissive mental space than I had in a long time. These might be helpful if you are unfamiliar with this topic: Separating self and spaces How Submissive Mental Space Works Thoughts on Fostering Submissive Mental Space through Dynamics I will be … Continue reading 357. Splitting Submissive Mental Spaces

338. Thoughts on my inner submissive

My inner submissive is the strongest part of me. Its love is fearless.  Its love is resilient and enduring.  Its love is encompassing and consuming. My inner submissive is the bravest part of me. It shows the truth.  It faces the truth.  It remains steadfast in the face of adversity. I wish that I could … Continue reading 338. Thoughts on my inner submissive

334. Thoughts on Respecting Roles

While writing my Thoughts on Training, as I neared the end I realized just how much frustration and bitterness I have developed over the past three years when it comes to the BDSM community as a whole.  I felt myself having to hold back from going off on a rant/tirade.  I hate that feeling.  I … Continue reading 334. Thoughts on Respecting Roles