522. More Leather Crafting Projects Completed

I have finished up another few more bondage creations, including another fantasy device from fs01.  If you are interested in seeing them they are up on my other blog located here:  https://fursissy.wordpress.com/tag/leather-crafting/


521. Thoughts on Service and Servitude

For the duration of my blogging "career," I have encouraged subs to try to become more service-oriented.  To me, service-oriented submission is to find fulfillment in their submission in the ways that benefit a Domme and provide enhancements to her life and lifestyle. When I first got started as a sub, I was more of … Continue reading 521. Thoughts on Service and Servitude

517. Crafting BDSM Gear

It seems that my self-induced mania has kicked in and cleared my brain clouds. Over the past few months I have started crafting BDSM-Gear.  I'm still a novice and have quite a bit to learn, but I'm really enjoying coming up with different designs for items that don't exist anywhere else. I wrote about one … Continue reading 517. Crafting BDSM Gear

516. Thoughts on unpopular fetishes

This is another topic I had planned to write about during my last hiatus but never got around to it. For the purpose of this post I will be using the term "fetish" to mean a non-standard (aka non-sexual) act, object, or body part that elicits a sexual response.  For me to classify something as … Continue reading 516. Thoughts on unpopular fetishes

514. More Thoughts on D/s in the BDSM Community

Although I haven't been writing, I have still been attending munches for local BDSM groups (we have tons). I have to say that a lingering note of interest to me is the absence of D/s.  It isn't taught. It isn't talked about.  It is rarely practiced.  In many ways, it is treated as if D/s … Continue reading 514. More Thoughts on D/s in the BDSM Community