Thoughts on my Role/Label

I have stated in previous posts that the term slave in BDSM has really lost a lot of its meaning and is relatively undefinable in the vernacular of the 2018 kinky world.  I have also written about being educated in the "Old Guard" definitions of slave and talked about the seriousness it rings in my … Continue reading Thoughts on my Role/Label


Splitting Submissive Mental Spaces

I was asked some questions tonight that forced me to get more specific about submissive mental space than I had in a long time. These might be helpful if you are unfamiliar with this topic: Separating self and spaces How Submissive Mental Space Works Thoughts on Fostering Submissive Mental Space through Dynamics I will be … Continue reading Splitting Submissive Mental Spaces

Thoughts on Experiences and Partners

I always hate the creepiness of the Freudian idea that men want to marry women like their mothers and women want to marry men like their fathers.  It's like, gee, really?  I became an adult to get away from that kind of passive-aggressive dysfunction, so let's just jump right in and make it a whole … Continue reading Thoughts on Experiences and Partners

An Intro to F/m – Part 10

If you would like to read the other parts of this: Skipping disclaimers due to laziness.  This is targeted at those who are unfamiliar with F/m. You've probably seen me complain at times about the massive disparity in numbers between available submissive men and available dominant women.  From my experiences this has ranged from … Continue reading An Intro to F/m – Part 10

Thoughts on Promoting Education in BDSM and D/s

I had been mulling over this topic for like a month but felt that it was way too preachy to bother writing it.  For those who have read me for a long time, you know that a lot of what I write is designed to understand perspectives, explore concepts, and talk about a lot ideas … Continue reading Thoughts on Promoting Education in BDSM and D/s

Dominate PSA 2018 Edition

So... I got invited to a kik group and after 5 days I feel the need to make another public service announcement. Dominate.  Verb.  Def: have a commanding influence on; exercise control over. Example Usage: I dominate.  She dominated.  They will dominate. Corresponding Adjective: Dominant Corresponding Noun: Dominance Corresponding Substantive Noun/Pronoun(s): Dominant, Dom, Domme I don't … Continue reading Dominate PSA 2018 Edition