An Intro to F/m – Part 8

8th part... scroll around to find the other 7. I am making an actual disclaimer here.  I am not a fan of Sexism in D/s.  I do not believe in any way that any one gender is or should be dominant or submissive.  I believe this is completely individual and no one is simply deserving … Continue reading An Intro to F/m – Part 8


Thoughts on Personal Acceptance

I will never be enough.  How could someone ever want someone like me? These thoughts fall at the core of my being.  They are the horrific reality that drives me. Most people don't think this way.  They have at some point had someone there for them, proving that they were okay.  Proving that they were … Continue reading Thoughts on Personal Acceptance

Thoughts on Sex Drive and Depression

As a number of blogging friends that I know are also currently experiencing depression, seasonal or otherwise, I was asked to write on this topic.  The person in question went from basically... being horny and having many orgasms each day to complete loss of desire that has lasted over a week.  The question they wanted … Continue reading Thoughts on Sex Drive and Depression

Reflecting on my spaces

As I have recently come to accept that I do have a submissive little space I am starting to find where the dividing lines fall between my normal submissive mental space and my submissive little space. The submissive personas that surface within each of them are rather different.  The triggers that get them there are … Continue reading Reflecting on my spaces

Depression and Dehumanization in D/s: Harmony of the Soul

I know that I don't write a lot about the type of D/s dynamics that I crave.  For some reason I fear being judged over what drives my submissive mental space.  The dynamics I thrive under aren't very popular at this time and it seems that when I talk about them that I tend to … Continue reading Depression and Dehumanization in D/s: Harmony of the Soul