582. Recent postings and Fetlife

Sorry for the post barrage today. The majority of posts that I have written lately I composed for Fetlife. They were meant for the ~200ish people on there that I am friends with or are following me. I have rarely if ever put any of my blog writing on Fetlife before, so a lot of … Continue reading 582. Recent postings and Fetlife

581. Expressing Desires through Fiction

Originally posted on Fetlife. My apologies if this seems unfocused or a bit jumbled. I still haven't been sleeping well and my brain is turning to mush. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been doing a lot of self-reflection and having a lot of conversations about people’s struggles in kink. I find that the … Continue reading 581. Expressing Desires through Fiction

580. Emotional Masochism: Despair

Originally posted on Fetlife. Despair is one of my kinks that resides within the darkness. I find that it isn’t talked about much. I don’t know many dominants that are drawn to pushing a sub to despair, at least I never hear it talked about. I’m not sure why. Is it because no one thinks … Continue reading 580. Emotional Masochism: Despair

577. Submissive Mental Spaces and Emotional Masochism

Originally posted on Fetlife. I haven’t written much on submissive mental spaces here on Fetlife, but since they are one of the foundational concepts from which I think about these topics, I figure it is probably important for me to write about them. I want to make it absolutely clear that I am not talking … Continue reading 577. Submissive Mental Spaces and Emotional Masochism

576. Emotional Masochism: The Darkness

Originally posted on Fetlife. I’ve been writing a lot about emotional masochism lately and discussing it with quite a few people so it’s probably time that I bring up a term that I have used frequently in my previous writings on the subject: The Darkness. In some cases I will talk about “going dark.” In … Continue reading 576. Emotional Masochism: The Darkness

575. I am a cishet presenting male that is afraid of other cishet presenting males

Originally posted on Fetlife Lately I feel like I have some friendships forming with other males for the first time in a long time. It has been over a decade since that happened. It’s not that I’m opposed to those friendships, it’s just far more difficult for me to open up in them and develop … Continue reading 575. I am a cishet presenting male that is afraid of other cishet presenting males

573. Random Thought of the Day: Tall Women

I've known for a while now that I'm intensely demisexual. I still haven't come to fully grasp how different I am wired on that front compared to most people. At times this made me wonder then why I get intensely anxious around women that are taller than me. I'm not talking a bad kind of … Continue reading 573. Random Thought of the Day: Tall Women