Month: August 2017

142. The First Mental Hurdle of Lifestyle D/s

Over the years I've mentored or given ongoing advice to a number of people involved in D/s and spanning both roles and genders for each role.  I find this process very rewarding and I always enjoy getting to know people and having back and forth exchanges, especially when it comes to exploring concepts, topics, and … Continue reading 142. The First Mental Hurdle of Lifestyle D/s

141. As things are

Over the past few weeks I have deleted at least a dozen posts rather than publishing them.  I can feel my mind spiraling into negative space and the effects are finally indisputable as I can definitely say that my depression is flaring up. During these times it seems that certain triggers put me into a … Continue reading 141. As things are

139. Late Night Thoughts on submission

(I wrote this late last night but my internet went down) To be honest, I'm not sure how much longer I will be blogging for. The vibe isn't there anymore. I love to read, write, and discuss ideas, but I don't feel like my ideas are applicable or representative anymore in today's environment. As those … Continue reading 139. Late Night Thoughts on submission