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Submissive words of my heart

I feel my layers melt away.  I am exposed.  You see me to my core.  You know where to attach the strings and pull them.  I can hide nothing.  I would hide nothing.  You are my everything. I ache and long for your approval.  My body quivers under your touch.  You bring out the best … Continue reading Submissive words of my heart


Self-Maintenance through self-induced submissive mental space

As I've mentioned that active D/s has been absent from my life for the past few years, I have found a means of coping with the ache of submissive withdrawls and sub-frenzy that I thought other people might find helpful. Self-maintenance can come in quite handy if the dynamics in your relationship wax and wane, … Continue reading Self-Maintenance through self-induced submissive mental space

Thoughts on Rational vs. Irrational

I always find it amusing to ponder my lifestyle choices.  I consider submission an absolute NEED for me because so much of it focused around irrational decisions that I willingly make to satiate the need. It's common when talking about D/s for me to reference submission as being irrational.  People tend to battle me on … Continue reading Thoughts on Rational vs. Irrational

Thoughts on Idealism vs. Reality

It took me years to craft a set of submissive ideals that represented the type of sub that I wanted to be and was capable of providing the lifestyle that I could both promise and deliver upon.  It took me another couple of years to condition and adapt myself mentally to not only be content … Continue reading Thoughts on Idealism vs. Reality

Thoughts on strong submissives and the appeal of D/s

I've had something on my mind a bit lately in regards to the idea of strong submissives.  This sub type has dozens of different names that you may have encountered it under.  I have seen it called an alpha submissive (which I don't really like as a term), warrior submissive, Queen/Knight relationship, and so on.  … Continue reading Thoughts on strong submissives and the appeal of D/s