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328. D/s literature and Venus in Furs

I thought about making this post on my erotica blog but it seemed more relevant to do it here. Today I was asked by a sub friend to help with ideas for a D/s book club discussion group that she participates in.  She was struggling finding non-fiction D/s works that worth worth reading as a … Continue reading 328. D/s literature and Venus in Furs

135. Sardax’s Venus in Furs

A big thanks to Vanessa at Queening Chairs for reminding me that I still hadn't purchased Sardax's Venus in Furs book.  Sardax is my favorite fetish artist of all time and served as one of my gateways into the realm of Femdom when I first stumbled upon his artwork circa 1997.  While his pay site … Continue reading 135. Sardax’s Venus in Furs

56. Searching for a Term or Five

The world hates labels, but occasionally differences arise that make them desirable.  I like to disguise labels with the word "terminology."  Terms have a definition and give the term its unique meaning.  It's still a label but meh. Something I find fascinating is that the varying number of sub terms but relatively few terms for … Continue reading 56. Searching for a Term or Five