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Open-mindedness and Understanding

Recently I've read a slew of blog posts about people encouraging open-mindedness when it comes to kink-related topics because of the ongoing trend of closed-mindedness that frequently plagues BDSM communities.  This post isn't targeted at any one of those bloggers, mostly just some thoughts in general that have been inspired by thinking about this topic. … Continue reading Open-mindedness and Understanding

A quick D/s fantasy: Breakfast

Author's notes: So here's a little fiction I wrote for someone yesterday to try to illustrate the power of D/s dynamics and how they can turn an ordinary every day activity into something erotic.  I specifically left out any references to the sub's arousal, so as you read feel free to insert them in your … Continue reading A quick D/s fantasy: Breakfast

My #1 Fetish: Symbolism

Fetish probably isn't the right word to describe this, but through submission I seem to be drawn to symbolism more than anything.  When looking at events or ideas within the "bigger picture" context, my body finds a way to respond with involuntary, unconscious arousal. Some might say that my penis betrays me. While there are … Continue reading My #1 Fetish: Symbolism