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556. Update 12/02/19

I have been doing a lot of leather-crafting lately but mostly posting it on my other blog. I'm not really sure if I should have posted them here instead, but some of the items are more catering to particular fetishes so I have pretty much kept them on the other blog. I've decided to share … Continue reading 556. Update 12/02/19

549. Update 11/16/19

I seem to be out of my writing funk but life has been extremely busy lately and I have been unable to compose a few posts that are swirling around in my head. On the forefront, I have been busy with requests for leather bondage gear.  I have continued posting all of what I have … Continue reading 549. Update 11/16/19

517. Crafting BDSM Gear

It seems that my self-induced mania has kicked in and cleared my brain clouds. Over the past few months I have started crafting BDSM-Gear.  I'm still a novice and have quite a bit to learn, but I'm really enjoying coming up with different designs for items that don't exist anywhere else. I wrote about one … Continue reading 517. Crafting BDSM Gear