Month: September 2017

Drawing: Nora’s Halloween Costume

Nora is one of my favorite kink bloggers.  Her blog can be found here: A recurring joke that we have is in regards to her Halloween costume, which started out in the comments of one of her blog posts a few months ago and has carried on from there.  On my last post about … Continue reading Drawing: Nora’s Halloween Costume


The Parts I Keep Hidden (on WordPress)

The other night I did some searches via search engines to try and locate more blogs.  In addition to WP, I also have Tumblr and Blogger blogs.  I started my Blogger blog back in 2010 and just recently hit my 1000th post.  The Tumblr blog is something I started when I relaunched the current URL … Continue reading The Parts I Keep Hidden (on WordPress)

Why I give up control follow up: my father and examples of relationships

I received some comments from Mrs Fever on my post Why I give up control in regards to my adopted father's role in his marriage to my adopted mother. My adopted father was a very emotionally repressed person.  He was raised in a small sect of an Old Testament-based puritanical religion.  For those who aren't … Continue reading Why I give up control follow up: my father and examples of relationships

Thoughts on contrarianism in D/s

I'm sure that almost everyone has encountered at least one person in their lives that exhibits contrary or defiant behavior or thought processes. They don't want to do something until they are told not to. They don't want something until they are told they can't have it. If something is established as popular belief they … Continue reading Thoughts on contrarianism in D/s

Evolving the submissive self

Being a submissive in the D/s lifestyle is one of the few times where a person constantly evolves under the guidance of a true merit-based system. Certain behaviors are encouraged while others are discouraged. Over time we find ourselves shaped into the image that the Domme desires. At each plateau, repetition helps polish our skills … Continue reading Evolving the submissive self

Random Thoughts on flavors of D/s

One of the biggest fundamental differences in the way that people view a BDSM-oriented kink lifestyle is related to how encompassing the dynamics fall into every day life. Basically, does power exchange occur only during defined periods or is it on all the time? For some, D/s is roleplay engaged in between consenting individuals for … Continue reading Random Thoughts on flavors of D/s

Status and Stations

I recently read some comments on a different blog that I wanted to respond to but left that for the author.  I do not feel safe speaking for others but with enough information I can sometimes do pretty well at guessing on their thought process.  Having followed well over a hundred blogs for years and … Continue reading Status and Stations