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480. The Cycle Loop of Feeding Dominance and submission

Lately a topic has come to my attention that I find rather interesting.  I know that this is something I have written about in the past but since it is fresh on my mind I will revisit it. It is common knowledge that subs will undergo cravings.  Unless they are "fed," they will slowly slide … Continue reading 480. The Cycle Loop of Feeding Dominance and submission


463. My Understanding of Domspace and Dominant Mental Space

For those of you who have been reading for a while, you may remember that when I was writing my fs02 erotica I went through a process to try to understand how things work within the mind of a sadist.  Since then, I have evolved my theory based upon discussions with dominants and wanted to … Continue reading 463. My Understanding of Domspace and Dominant Mental Space

384. Evolving Entitlement: Dismissive Attitude

I know that this is a repeat topic for me, but a number of Dommes I know have been blogging over entitlement in the past week and I thought it would be a good time to write about this again as it sort of follows suit.  I find entitlement absolutely fascinating because it is not … Continue reading 384. Evolving Entitlement: Dismissive Attitude

375. Thoughts on “The Big Takeaway”

It was roughly seven years ago that Lady Grey at Woman in Control made a post called "The Big Takeaway."  Unfortunately this post was lost when she deleted a number of her early posts but some conversations that I have had recently with some newer Dommes got me thinking about it once again and I … Continue reading 375. Thoughts on “The Big Takeaway”

352. Dominate PSA 2018 Edition

So... I got invited to a kik group and after 5 days I feel the need to make another public service announcement. Dominate.  Verb.  Def: have a commanding influence on; exercise control over. Example Usage: I dominate.  She dominated.  They will dominate. Corresponding Adjective: Dominant Corresponding Noun: Dominance Corresponding Substantive Noun/Pronoun(s): Dominant, Dom, Domme I don't … Continue reading 352. Dominate PSA 2018 Edition

345. Born from Denial?

I have a friend that I met on kik a while back that I think is absolutely fascinating.  She is 2nd generation BDSM and was indoctrinated into the principles of the lifestyle in her mid-teens.  I don't plan on getting into any sort of moral debate or commentary about that.  BDSM was presented in a … Continue reading 345. Born from Denial?

286. She Has the Power to Create and Reshape Reality

My last two posts, A Pragmatic View from a single male submissive and Small Doubts seem to have gotten a bit of discussion going both in comments and via private contact.  A couple of discussions today found me wanting to elaborate more upon this and how it affects things in the D/s world in general. … Continue reading 286. She Has the Power to Create and Reshape Reality

273. Thoughts on “submission as a gift” and leverage

Over the years I have often heard the phrase "submission is a gift," usually accompanied by a statement about how it should be "given freely."  The idea that submission carries with it worth and is something special is very romantic.  I consider this a noble sentiment that would hold true in a perfect world.   However, … Continue reading 273. Thoughts on “submission as a gift” and leverage

159. Thoughts on developing dominance

As there are fewer available Dommes than available male subs, opportunities are often dependent upon newer Dommes entering the lifestyle. This may be a single woman looking for the first time or a woman in a long-term relationship that has decided to enter the role, often at the behest of their significant other with submissive … Continue reading 159. Thoughts on developing dominance

59. Thoughts on Submissive Behavior and Control

I've been feeling stretched too thin lately and it is a feeling I haven't felt in a very long time.  Emotions pulled around with hope in tow but uneasy and exhausted at the same time.  I'm going to try to write this post and I'm hoping my brain allows it to be coherent.  I have … Continue reading 59. Thoughts on Submissive Behavior and Control