Month: January 2018

Thoughts On Losing a Partner

As I've been writing here a bit, I've pretty much been completely consumed with writing fiction lately.  It's been a very welcome change for me, seeing as I enjoy it, but had been blocked from writing it for the past 11 months.  Within this burst I finally finished the final book of my first series … Continue reading Thoughts On Losing a Partner


Erotica: fs02: A Domme’s View Arc 2 Completed

I'm not going to lie.  Writing this Arc completely ravaged me emotionally.  I will likely take a break from fiction for the time being unless I somehow get some form of inspiration that I can't even imagine. As of this moment in time I do not plan to continue fs02 beyond its current spot. If … Continue reading Erotica: fs02: A Domme’s View Arc 2 Completed

Erotica: fs02: A Domme’s View Arc 1 Completed

For those who aren't aware of my other blog and are actually interested... I just completed the first volume of my 2nd fiction attempt, fs02: A Domme's View It is the story of a single Domme searching for a submissive life partner and told from her point of view. If you interested in reading it:  … Continue reading Erotica: fs02: A Domme’s View Arc 1 Completed

Spam Followers?

A random question to others out there.  In the past week or two I have gotten 15 email followers from emails.  All of them contain two names (usually Hispanic-sounding) and a mix of random letters.  e.g. mendozajtpjosebci@ Does this happen to anyone else? Do you remove them? I'm just curious.  Seems a bit fishy.

An Intro to F/m – Part 9

Part 9 of the series, blah blah.  Disclaimers.  Target audience.  Stuff. There is another stark contrast that comes to mind about F/m vs. M/f, and that is the difference between how submissives and dominants are evaluated as being "good" or "bad."  This post will likely rehash some of the concepts I have written about previously … Continue reading An Intro to F/m – Part 9