Month: January 2018

317. The Paradox of the Slave Mindset

While I have written about how the term "slave" in BDSM has lost a lot of its definition over the years, some recent conversations on the topic of M/s have led me to some thoughts upon the subject.  Without trying to get too heavily into definitions separating what is a submissive and what is a … Continue reading 317. The Paradox of the Slave Mindset

316. Fetish as a Weapon

I've never viewed my fetishes as a means of getting off.  I've always seen them as a means to enslave me. I never wanted to have them.  The guilt and shame that helped birth desires into fetishes created self-inflicted wounds.  I can never be "normal" ever again.  I live with the deep, dark secret that … Continue reading 316. Fetish as a Weapon

315. Selective Validation

I have no problem accepting myself as a submissive.  I don't really have any trouble accepting myself as a submissive male in a society that largely shuns them.  That being said, it is easy to rail against society as a whole.  It's easy to rally against prejudice and hate when when it's a crowd roaring … Continue reading 315. Selective Validation

314. Thoughts on the crap that goes along with F/m D/s dating

As I have rambled about more than people probably care to hear, creating the personality of a Domme for my fiction has actually yielded some rather disturbing results.  I find writing stories to be a very emotionally immersive experience for me and I feel like a lot of what I do is run simulations of … Continue reading 314. Thoughts on the crap that goes along with F/m D/s dating

313. Consensual Supremacy

After some comment exchanges with The Secret Aspie on my yesterday's post about female supremacy, I thought it was worth revisiting. That is such a difficult topic for me to tackle objectively because my rational side and the knowledge of the preferences of... well... most of the Dommes that I know tends to keep me … Continue reading 313. Consensual Supremacy

311. Thoughts on Female Supremacy (2018 version)

I know this is something that I have written on in the past but it is something that I have talked with SG about lately and it came up again in comments. I find the concept of female supremacy (or female superiority) to be quite fascinating.  It is the ultimate role-reversal that bucks the historical … Continue reading 311. Thoughts on Female Supremacy (2018 version)

309. Why sadists fascinate me

Working on the third arc of fs02 has reminded me of something.  I am absolutely fascinated by sadistic women.  It's not that sadism fascinates me, I accept that it exists along with masochism. What intrigues me are the people that acknowledge that they are sadists.  I'm probably going to struggle expressing the root of this … Continue reading 309. Why sadists fascinate me

308. Reflections on D/s Blogging

I've been blogging for a long time now about D/s, starting my first blog over at blogger back in March of 2010.  I was fortunate enough to have come in during a very good blogging generation. I use the term blogging generation for a cycle of similarly themed bloggers that find each other and interact … Continue reading 308. Reflections on D/s Blogging