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556. Update 12/02/19

I have been doing a lot of leather-crafting lately but mostly posting it on my other blog. I'm not really sure if I should have posted them here instead, but some of the items are more catering to particular fetishes so I have pretty much kept them on the other blog. I've decided to share … Continue reading 556. Update 12/02/19

555. Finally made the Top 100

After 9+ years of blogging and 1700+ posts, I finally managed to sneak onto the list of the top 100 sex bloggers at 97.  I believe I received a single nomination for my old blog back in 2016 but had pretty much guessed I would never make the list.  I don't really take part in … Continue reading 555. Finally made the Top 100

554. Analyzing the Multiple-Domme Fantasy

Note: A lot of this will be rehashed topics from the past year but it is on my mind. A Domme friend of mine recently asked me why her sub has this recurring fantasy about being exposed to, humiliated in front of, and used by a group of (presumably dominant) women.  I find this topic … Continue reading 554. Analyzing the Multiple-Domme Fantasy

553. The Evolving Narrative

I have pretty much given up on the idea of healing certain parts of my damage.  These are the parts that I have been able to integrate into my submission and I honestly find them... addictive to have to face them within the confines of my submission.  Facing the damage head on acts as fuel … Continue reading 553. The Evolving Narrative

552. Failing to Balance the Two Spaces Part 2

I lost my train of thought while writing Post 551 and never managed to circle back in the way that I had hoped. Over the years I have become well aware of the tug of war between my mental spaces that encompass my service submission and my emotional masochism.  There is no real balance.  Neglect … Continue reading 552. Failing to Balance the Two Spaces Part 2

551. Failing to Balance the Two Spaces

Something that I have been struggling with lately is the battle between my two submissive mental spaces. There is my service-side. There is my emotional masochist side. Each of these spaces has a distinctly different feel to them and an entirely separate set of preferences, ideals, and philosophies that govern them. My service side wants … Continue reading 551. Failing to Balance the Two Spaces

550. Thoughts on Meta-Fetishes and Meta-Kinks

Something that I don't talk about much is the fact that I get really turned on when I write certain posts.  A similar thing happens when I talk about and discuss Femdom-relevant topics.  This is the result of the fact that I begin to teeter on the edge of my submissive mental space, and the … Continue reading 550. Thoughts on Meta-Fetishes and Meta-Kinks