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Thoughts on Expectations in D/s

So much of D/s involves transitioning your submissive self away from the internal submissive desires (what will you do to me?) to external focuses (what can I do for you?).  This often serves as the balancing act, preventing you from treading into the dangerous realm of "do me sub" or "wanker" labels and turning your … Continue reading Thoughts on Expectations in D/s


Thoughts on Cognitive Dissonance

Another topic I have been covering in some private discussions lately is the idea of cognitive dissonance. In its basic form, cognitive dissonance is mental anguish you experience when your brain battles itself.  In D/s, it frequently occurs in humiliation, when an act or verbal statement makes you feel something is true, but wish that … Continue reading Thoughts on Cognitive Dissonance

Thoughts on Verbal Triggers

I had a bit of a discussion yesterday with someone about verbal triggers and it got me thinking about it more.  Verbal triggers are quite fascinating to me because something that requires such little work can have such a great impact upon submissive mental space. There are different ways this works.  Verbal reinforcement.  Providing motive … Continue reading Thoughts on Verbal Triggers

Thoughts on what I tell others

Disclaimer:  I'm not in a bad mood.  I'm in a pretty good mood.  The past couple of weeks blogging I have felt more accepted than I ever have over these 7 and a half years.  These are just some thoughts swirling around in regards to comments on earlier posts. 2nd Disclaimer:  I actually received some … Continue reading Thoughts on what I tell others

Thoughts on scape-goating, hierarchies, and relativism

I thought about posting this upon my blog that I keep certain topics separated on, but after giving it some thought, it seems to fit in with the posts I have made over the past few days. One of the more horrific historical trends since the beginning of written history are the trends of the … Continue reading Thoughts on scape-goating, hierarchies, and relativism