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536. What I am (2019)

Some comments on a couple of recent posts made me realize that it has been a while that I have really talked much at all about my submission and the dynamics that I desire.  There are definitely reasons that I hide parts of myself both while blogging and in my local BDSM community.  I don't … Continue reading 536. What I am (2019)


535. Midnight Thoughts on 08/19/19

Lately blogging has felt a bit more like a chore than a joy or an outlet. I can tell by the topics that I have been writing about and the tone/voice that I have been writing with, just how far out of my element I have been over the past few months.  It seems that … Continue reading 535. Midnight Thoughts on 08/19/19

534. Absolute Consent

As things go in the ever-evolving nature of BDSM terminology, it appears that there has been yet another change.  There is a Fetlife group I have been following for years that tends to be the "cutting edge" discussion on this topic and their name seems to change every couple of years. Consensual Non-Consent -> Meta-Consent … Continue reading 534. Absolute Consent

532. A sub’s thoughts on Domme Profiles

Last year I did a lot of writing about male sub profiles, writing introductory messages, and the like.  With the ramp up in meeting people in person at social events and inevitably reading the profiles of the people I am meeting another related topic has come to mind lately. Now that I think about it, … Continue reading 532. A sub’s thoughts on Domme Profiles

531. Discussion Topic Write-Up: Some Major Style Differences within BDSM

I am writing this from the standpoint of introducing these ideas and concepts as part of a discussion group and may include ideas and concepts that I have discussed in earlier posts. As this is designed for a Femdom discussion group, it may lean more heavily towards the F/m end of the spectrum although I … Continue reading 531. Discussion Topic Write-Up: Some Major Style Differences within BDSM

530. “A Positive Submissive Response”

Over the past few months I have had quite a few discussions while trying to explain how the mechanics of D/s tend to work in various environments, especially in regards to subs. What I have found is that as a whole, there is very little common understanding of what subs "get out of it" if … Continue reading 530. “A Positive Submissive Response”

528. Thoughts on Submissive Male Shame and Emotional Masochism

Some days I wonder why I keep on blogging.  It's not that I have a reason to stop, it's that I find it harder to have a reason to continue.  In any case... A week ago I took part in a Femdom discussion munch that chose my topic of emotional sadism and masochism.   I had … Continue reading 528. Thoughts on Submissive Male Shame and Emotional Masochism

527. Thoughts on Mind-Fucking (2019)

In a couple of weeks the Femdom discussion munch I take part in will is going after another one of the topics that I suggested about 7 months ago.  The topic for this discussion is Emotional Sadism and Masochism.  I was given the task of doing the topic write-up and I did it by talking … Continue reading 527. Thoughts on Mind-Fucking (2019)