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Chastity Tips: When it Burns

This year's chastity experiments have taught me a lot about fit.  This is one of those frustrating topics because of the cost of devices and uncertainty about comfort for long-term wear. You'll hear a lot of people talk about fit and issues, but very rarely are things described well enough to figure out what is … Continue reading Chastity Tips: When it Burns

June adventures with Chastity

So after my failed experiences with the Holy Trainer and Strict Gate earlier this year and doing some blog reading I was able to learn more about fit and lubrication than ever before.  My couple of weeks with the Holy Trainer was able to stretch me enough to fit back into the CB-6000S.  Unfortunately I … Continue reading June adventures with Chastity

Double Standards in Fantasy, Porn, and Kink – 2017 Edition

Yes, I'm revisiting a topic that I have written about before as it is fresh in my thoughts... Today while leaving some comments on a blog entry I got to thinking about how there are societal double-standards when it comes to how men and women approach fantasy, porn, and kink. This isn't something that gets … Continue reading Double Standards in Fantasy, Porn, and Kink – 2017 Edition

“Is there a right way?” is the Wrong Question

Please do let me know if splitting this rant up into three separate mini rants makes me seem like less of a sad little hate-monger banging away in the darkness on a keyboard in a parent's basement with nothing better to do.  I don't live in a parent's basement. Hopefully this will get it all … Continue reading “Is there a right way?” is the Wrong Question