Author: furcissy

426. Update

I have had a number of people check in with me since I haven't posted in 5 days, so I figured I should make a post. Yes, I am here and alive. My depression has peaked and I'm dealing with it as best I can but I have had to shut down emotionally for the … Continue reading 426. Update


425. Thoughts on Differences

Some comments on my last post got me thinking a bit about the habits of people in BDSM and D/s and why there is a tendency for them to flock to others of a similar type while mostly ignoring people who engage in a different type of lifestyle dynamic.  I will fully admit that when … Continue reading 425. Thoughts on Differences

424. Thoughts on Consent or Not

Often you will come across philosophies on D/s that conflict with one another on a fundamental level.  When people of different types encounter one another it can be difficult for them to communicate effectively because their perspectives are so different.  One example of this is people who engage in loving, romantic D/s relationships vs. those … Continue reading 424. Thoughts on Consent or Not

423. Thoughts about Relationships

It feels like about every 8 months or so I go through a phase where I think about perspectives that involve some form of fundamentally unbridgeable gap yet find myself wanting to dig in and understand why. Something I've known over the years is that what I seek from a relationship is different than most … Continue reading 423. Thoughts about Relationships

422. An Intro to F/m – Part 12

These posts are targeted at people who are new to F/m, including those with experience in M/f who have not seen the other side of things. Previous Intro to F/m Posts Another common aspect in F/m that is far less common in M/f is a recurring theme of "forced."  Forced chastity.  Forced feminization.  Forced bi.  … Continue reading 422. An Intro to F/m – Part 12

420. Thoughts on dominant philosophies

I am still digging through my brain and trying to solve the mystery upon certain Femdom philosophies that I really do not understand very well.  Part of capturing a perspective is not by simply stating the words, but digging deeper to find the underlying thought process, experiences, and outlooks that shape that philosophy into what … Continue reading 420. Thoughts on dominant philosophies