413. Sizzlin’ Saturdays 03/31/18

413. Sizzlin’ Saturdays 03/31/18

Prompt by Nora.

Describe your favorite sex toy and what it does for you.

I don’t actually have one.  At some point I almost bought a Fleshlight, but ended up not getting one.  I have tried a couple of those silicone masturbators but they were meh.  So the answer here might be my hand.

What is one of your hard limits and why?

Rather than go with the typical nearly universal hard limits I will choose an oddball one.  I must be allowed to exercise proper hygiene.  I have a bit of OCD, so if I can’t wash my hands, brush my teeth, etc. the need to do so overwhelms me and I go into a bit of a crazy mind-state.  This has actually caused friction/problems before.  If I spend 90 minutes performing vaginal manipulation and clitoral stimulation with my hands I do wish to wash my hands afterwards.  Similarly, if I were to say, grease a baking pan with lard by hand, I would also wish to wash my hands immediately after.  Said party got offended thinking that I was treating their fluids like they were toxic or something, but the truth is that anything on my skin drives me crazy.  I wash my hands in the realm of 100 times a day.

Is there anything sex related that you have never tried but would like to? Details please!

I have done pretty much everything except for having to please two women at once.  I have actually been pretty curious about wanting to try this.  I’m pretty decent at using one hand to stimulate both G-spot and clit and I’m fairly ambidextrous… so this would be a curious challenge I would at some point like to know if I can meet.  Sadly, whoever gets lefty might not enjoy it as much as who gets righty.



25 thoughts on “413. Sizzlin’ Saturdays 03/31/18

    1. That is the only one that really remains as a constant trigger. Well, I cut my fingernails nearly every day as well. The others are minor and tend to have “flare ups” more than a constant pull. The washing one is the big one that has come into play with BDSM.


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